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What is warehouse automation

What is Warehouse Automation?

19th June 2023

Learn why innovative warehouse automation solutions are the way forward for your business operations with nine benefits and expert insights for each process.

Automated packaging systems - Hills Electrical Group

Automated Packaging Systems: How Conveyors Improve Packaging Processes

22nd April 2023

Discover how you can enhance the profitability of automated packaging systems and streamline processes with the addition of a packaging conveyor.

Recycling Automation - Hills Electrical Group

What Makes a “Mean Green” Automated Recycling Machine?

15th March 2023

Discover how modern automated recycling machines streamline the recycling process with high-tech sortation operations.

Electrical installation - hills electrical group

How do Professional Electrical Installation Services Work

26th January 2023

Looking to enhance the power supply for your business? Discover the vital requirements, guidelines, and processes for professional electrical installations.

Robotics in manufacturing

The advantages and disadvantages of robotics in manufacturing

18th December 2022

Robotics are revolutionising business operations, but is it the right solution for you?

control panel installation - hills electrical group

Control panels: Why they’re the brains of your operation

28th November 2022

Control panels are integral to industrial operational systems. From PLC to guaranteed safety, discover how control panels can enhance your business.

E-commerce conveyor - Hills Electrical Group

5 reasons why a conveyor system enhances e-commerce fulfilment

08th November 2022

Discover why installing an e-commerce conveyor system can revolutionise online fulfilment for your business.

Baggage sorting system - Hills Electrical Group

Why airports should upgrade baggage sorting systems

18th August 2022

Discover why an airport baggage sorting system is important in enhancing the customer experience and how it can improve baggage handling.

Sortation conveyor systems - Hills Electrical Group

7 types of sortation conveyor systems

22nd June 2022

Automated sortation conveyor systems boost efficiency and overall productivity across various industries. Discover the different advantages, designs, and which sectors they suit best.

ASRS Vertical Farming - Hills Electrical Group

Is an ASRS an Ideal Solution for Vertical Farming Challenges?

21st June 2022

ASRS has many systems for production, manufacturing, and distribution. Discover the benefits, costs, and whether it’s a viable solution for vertical farming challenges.

Roller Conveyors - Hills Electrical Group

What is a roller conveyor, and is it the right system for my business?

26th April 2022

Discover what makes a roller conveyor an effective, efficient and essential component for production and manufacturing. From powered to gravity roller conveyors, find out which system best suits your business.

PLC control systems - Hills Electrical Group

The advantages and disadvantages of PLC control systems

21st March 2022

PLC control systems enhance various forms of operations to the next level of efficiency and production. Discoverthe advantages and disadvantages of a PLC control system to see if it’s right for your business.

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